This journey is incredibly humbling for me.

From being wounded and not knowing which way is up and wondering whether or not i could be ALIVE or not and at the same time, finding new MEANING in my new life in this FOREIGN place.....It's been an AMAZING journey

I am a daughter, sister, dog-owner and friend.

Currently, i am learning to train my mind and body. I want to hold my body, challenge my physical ability to a level i could never imagine.

I definitely have learn to stop letting these people who do so little for me in my life but control so much of my mind, feeling and emotions.

Learning to let them go from my life is definitely one of the best achievement i ever done to myself.

Goodbye my friends.... Hope when we meet again, we are once strangers again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lee Hom Music Man Malaysia Concert 2009

Last year September 2008, when I was in Singapore with my family for Ninth God Festival (Is kinda tradition to go Singapore's Turtle Island for prayers, I think my dad used that reason as a holidays for family.), I saw this advert in front of an optical shop.


My brother teased me and said I should steal the poster and hang it on my bedroom's wall and imagine he is performing in front of me while I blasted his 'Taipei Heroes of Earth Concert 2008'. Everyone mistaken thought I'm crazy bout him which indeed in certain way I'm... But I don't use the word 'crazy' because I can't afford to scream at him during his concert cause I know there is no point behind it, he can't hear my ugly voice anyway.

But of course, if he appear like this

Lee Hom KL Concert 2007 (7)

Bare Chest!!!!


I'll definitely scream like no one business till i annoy the person sit next to me...

So, in April 2009, finally, he officially announced that he will be having his concert tour in Malaysia. I was rather ecstatic over it. Thinking, now that i have been working for past one year, i think i can fork some money for the concert..... But as times goes by, and i decided not to fork out the money because of my new commitment for Iphone... Damm!!!!!

And then, my beloved sister offered and said she will pay for the RM398 tickets, crazy man, i was so excited but at the end, i told her i don't want to go because i afraid i got to work on that Saturday. And it turns out i had to work on that weekend.However, i did not the concert day, but on labor day!!!!!!

So, days before his concert, I listened to his non-stop, when i go to work, when i come back from work, his songs keep repeating in my car audio..... Now I sound I'm crazy....... (kekekeke, actually, i left my other CDs in KL, i only has his CDs in my van)

Suddenly, on 30th April 2009, 5 minutes before my yoga class bout to start, Jac called me......

Is like Déjà-vu......

Jac said "Shiau Lee, where are you now"

Me replied " Going into my yoga class"

Jac said " Huh, means you are still in Ipoh"

Me mentioned, " Of course, tom is my on call day, why?"

Jac said, " Actually, i got tickets from Z for Lee Hom's concert!!!"

Me shouted, " What????? I'm coming back right after my on call tomorrow.... I want to go.... i want to go!!!! Hahahahahha!!!!!! You are going with me or what????"

Jac said " But she hasn't give me the ticket yet"

Me assured, " Never mind, I'll come back, if have, we go together, if not, is ok with me, we find other things to do."

Actually i lied, deep down in my heart, I'm clinging to the hope that she will get the tickets!!!!! HAhahahaha.!!!!!!!...

Now, i sounded like a crazy hypocrite idiotic fan!!!!!!!

But, anyway,


Hope can he will play Er Hu this time

Lee Hom KL Concert 2007 (17)

Or maybe see him jump like this

Lee Hom KL Concert 2007 (19)

Or drool at him while he play his violin

Lee Hom KL Concert 2007 (14)

Or watch him drumming suavely

Lee Hom KL Concert 2007 (11)

Now, i sounded like a crazy girl.......

Thanks to Homaniacs for the pictures.....

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