This journey is incredibly humbling for me.

From being wounded and not knowing which way is up and wondering whether or not i could be ALIVE or not and at the same time, finding new MEANING in my new life in this FOREIGN place.....It's been an AMAZING journey

I am a daughter, sister, dog-owner and friend.

Currently, i am learning to train my mind and body. I want to hold my body, challenge my physical ability to a level i could never imagine.

I definitely have learn to stop letting these people who do so little for me in my life but control so much of my mind, feeling and emotions.

Learning to let them go from my life is definitely one of the best achievement i ever done to myself.

Goodbye my friends.... Hope when we meet again, we are once strangers again.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

7 Reasons Why We Left Ms. M's House...

  1. Because we felt, we disturbed her family, in term of the space in the house and peace to her family members. Eg. We played cards in the living room and wake her father up while he was resting on the couch.
  2. Because we felt so restricted in the house although Ms. M's mom verbally said we can do freely in the house but she restricted us from boiling the water in her AMC pot using medium fire. She expected us to use the smallest fire to boil the water while 4 of us were at the risk of dehydration. Of course, i'm sure she has stock of ORS to prevent us from getting dehydration.
  3. Because Ms. M prepared a queen-size bed for 3 persons to sleep every night. Can u imagine a girl like me sleeps as if a pig that rolls around during her beauty sleep had to share with 2 other girls, in a queen size bed??? (Pity Ms. CL, which suffered from bruising and slapped from my hands due to my action in my sleep)

  4. Because Ms. M's toilet is not a bathroom. I mean a toilet with only toilet bowl and hose. Don't have sink so I can put on my contact lens every morning. Hygiene..... Hygiene.... Hygiene.... i need proper and clean hygiene!!!!!!!

  5. Because Ms. M's mother told us to don't wash our uniforms every night when Ms. CL, Mr. NM and Cik. ZK only bring 2 pairs of uniforms because Ms. M told them verbally not to bring more than 2 uniforms because we can wash daily.

  6. Because Ms. M's family members were not really a good host, please do read properly, I said not really good, means they are 'ok' only host, especially when Cik ZK and I are newbie here and we are confused, what else we can do besides staying in the house and disturbed her parents???

  7. Because we sincerely don't want to burden her family, in term of financially, physically and mentally. When we talked to her mother over our decision to leave her house because we feel uncomfortable for disturbing her house and family, but her mom sarcastically told me back that her house is uncomfortable for us to stay, not us feeling uncomfortable disturbing us.
  8. For reason No. 7, earlier I really feel uncomfortable to stay in Ms. M's house because we disturbed her family and burden them. Soon when Ms. M confronted to us and said we are rude for leaving her house like this and her parents are rather upset with us especially Cik ZK because she is a Malay girl, we should not move from a Malay's house to Chinese's house, I told her straight in her face "MS. M, IF YOUR HOUSE IS COMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO STAY, NO ONE WOULD WANT TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE"
One more thing, please don't be so narrow-minded about religion and race, this is Malaysia, multi-cultural country, what's wrong with Cik ZK decided to stay in a Chinese's house. In addition, we already apologized for our behavior. Read properly, we only apologize for our behavior only not for our decision to move from Ms. M's house.

Lao Tzu said

"Living plants are flexible, in death, they become dry and brittle.
Therefore, stubborn people are disciples of death, but flexible people are disciples of life."

7 reasons why we didn't tell Ms. M we wanna leave her house...

7 Reasons Why We Didn't Tell Ms. M We Want to Leave Her House While She Was Sick in the Hospital
  1. Because we know how sensitive she will be if we decided to leave her house. She'll probably think this bunch of idiotic spoilt brats can't stand her small and dirty house.
  2. Because she is sick in the hospital, not only physically but mentally and emotionally, she wouldn't want some mental torture from her friends.
  3. Because we told her mom and dad already about our plan to move out from the house.
  4. Because we felt so indecisive and helpless, don't know how to open the conservation in the hospital.
  5. Because we don't want to make her feel bad for being a lousy host in Kuching.
  6. Because she has no communication effort with us at all.
  7. Because her house is too small for extra 4 persons but we just don't know how to express to her and her parents.

Above reasons are according to priority... that's how me and my 3 friends felt.... so, if u have a problem with it.... just pen it down..... but i just don't give it a damm sh**.....

I left Ms. M's house..... she left me alone in her hometown.....

During in the Kuching Hospital stint, i supposed to stay in Ms. M's house, tat's the plan.... but after exactly 7 days, me and Mr.NM, Ms. CL and Cik ZK decided to leave her house. And because of Ms. M admitted to hospital for 3 days due to suspected dengue, we felt so reluctant to tell her we wanna stay outside, not her house anymore, we told a white lie. We told her we hadn't see the place we stayed during her stay in hospital, but actually we did. Then, my friend, Cik ZK, accidently told Ms.M's parents about over visit to the house we supposed to stay. Well, i got to admit we were wrong about the white lie. Thinking that we can clarify that once she discharge from the hospital and we settle down in the new house.
So, we moved out from her house.... and settle in a new place. The new house we stayed is belong to one of the physiotherapists we met in Kuching Hospital, Mdm. L. She is very nice lady and taken care of us well. Thanks to her, i went back to KL with extra weights of fat and no scratch from head to toe. So, we left Ms. M's house and stayed with a lady with 3 adorable yet annoying kids.... i did mentioned adorable... so, is ok with us... We were given 2 rooms, 2 single-beds and 1 double bed. Proper toilet with proper sink and toilet bowl. And shared dining room, kitchen, TV with big sofas set.... Wow... great place to stay for 4 months..... no... no... 3 months and 3 weeks.... for RM100/month.....

By the way, the day we moved our from Ms. M's house, it rained.... Probably God is too sad because we moved out from her house too late??? Anyway, Ms. M claimed her neighbours felt surprised why chose to move out from her house on rainy day???? Hello Ms. M and neighbours!!! If you wanna know why it rain tat day, pls call meteorology dept of Kuching and ask them. How do we know the day we packed the bag it rained??? Don't get so sensitive man.....
So, the next day, we realized Ms. M tried to distance herself from us.... and don't talk to us anymore... Well, this situation went on and on and on....... for 4 months.... Wow..... Why such a sudden changes??? From 2 and 1/2 years friendship turns into enemy of lifetime in jus 2 weeks. What is wrong with Kuching???? Is this place cursed by some lonely wizard or what???? Probably the Harry Potter can tell me why and also tell Ms. M to shut her a** off from my face........
"Excuse me, Ms. M??? Is that for yourself from you???"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Practical training in Kuching Hospital

Recently i came back from the city of cats; Kuching, Sarawak. i went there with 4 friends, Nigel, Carol, Mis and Zai. But i came back with 3 friends.... Why??? i'll talk about that later... Physiotherapy Dept of Kuching Hospital is definitely a great place to have my last practical stint of my final year. Physiotherapists there are nice and thoughtful, they kindly arranged the schedule for us and one of the physiotherapists, Pn. Haironi, is nice to bring us around. While others are very kind to share their knowledge and practical with us. Despite me asking questions, weird, funny and annoying., their happily answer our questions.

Besides the clinical settings are positive, the places around Kuching are nice and peaceful for people to retire..... i said RETIRE..... If you think you wanna SHOP, SHOP, SHOP and CLUB, CLUB, CLUB.... please think twice, might as well spend extra cash and pay to AIR ASIA to stop by KK. Ok.... ok.... Kenny Sia will probbably send me some kinda virus to me for degrading his hometown.... despite he spending so much time on promoting foods around Kuching..... 8-P... Anyway, good to stay and work cause you saved lots of $$$$$$ because you can get cheap local veges and fruits from the tamu and make a good meal........ So, if you think you wanna save enough money to get marry soon and have 6 to 12 children to form a football team.... Well, you came to the right place.... but make sure you cook pucuk pakis everyday, that only cost you RM2 for one meal for 4 persons......

My life as trainee in Ipoh Hospital

Today is the second day of Raya..... and also my 5th day of my holidays...... My holidays from 3 months practical stint in Ipoh General Hospital..... Seriously, for the past few days in Ipoh General Hospital..... lots of things i learnt throughout the life as a physiotherapy trainee...... seriously, i dislike the feeling as the newbie in the hospital..... others will be anticipating your clumsiness and also your immaturity.......and also you must be nice and also must always be prepare to accept comments from other people.....
Ipoh General Hospital is the middle of the Ipoh Town..... it has the same setting as the Klang General Hospital..... especially the physiotherapy department.....especially the hydrotherapy pool..... exactly like the one in Klang General Hospital....... And the one thing i really like bout this Ipoh Hospital is that it has an equal range of different ethnics people walk in and out of this hospital, whether to see our white robe's angel or jus to visit their loved ones..... From Malay uncle to young Orang Asli wife...... Different people with different antic..... Not to mention some of the rich and snob people's special 'treatment'..........

Well, i'm always a KL girl..... no matter how much i dislike KL for its congested traffic or the busy and yet stressful lifestyle, i'm still the very KL girl.... And Ipoh is too peaceful for me.... in another word, too boring, i have no life there.... i dunno what to do.... especially after i finish my work in the hospital...... and especially i don't have car to move my ass around..... besides walking around in the house, and walk a few steps to the stall to eat some Nyonya kuih and delicious tau fu fa with gula melaka...... seriously, Ipoh is definitely the best place for retirement..... i'm looking for a house for it.... kekekeke.... not for me.... for my daddy and mommy.....

Ok..... ok.... as a person who stayed in Ipoh for a quite a long time, i'll introduce more on Ipoh...... Do you know Ipoh is also known as the Bougainvillea City.....???? I also didn't know about it..... Especially till i walks around and see lots of bougainvillea around..... i asked my aunt, she said the City councill like to put it around the city.... i checked it online.... and yes.... Ipoh is the Bougainvillea City..... Smart??? Yes..... (^o^)

More on Ipoh...... Ipoh is the capital of the state of Perak....... and is situated in the Kinta Valley, which once i learnt in Form 3 History, Kinta Valley is once the tin field, and also the largest one in the world....As you drive using the North-South Highway, u'll passed by lots of limestone hills.... which is one of the main supply for the marbles........ And as u moves around the housing estate, you will see various jungle-topped hills with white cliffs.....riddled with passages and caves, and as you will notices, they will be lots of the cave make into cave temples.....
As you move around with the car, you will make sure there is alot of this opulent shop houses...... which is old yet converted into main business centre..... Especially you see the one of the Malaysia's best-preserved Chinatowns, the Old Town...... and Ipoh White Coffee is still the best...... yummy...... and once in a while, you will see the Indians has their 'Little India' especially during the Deepavali season..... Muruku..... Sari.....Latest Indian music..... is all around......
Alright..... but one thing i'm very grateful with Royal College of Medicine Perak...... Because their library is open to us..... for people like me... who has nothing to do... they have free internet service..... yeah..... and medical books...... I think is kinda cool.... good time to waste......
Shiau Lee said....... (^o^)

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle or also known as Hauru no Ugoku Shiro is Japanese animated film, directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, famed for its Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. It is based on novel by Diana Wynne Jones on the same title. I really like this anime because I rather feel connected with the protagonist, Sophie. Connected in means of I wish I could have her determination to move on with her life despite the obstacles she faced during her journey with Howl. My journey is rather complicated. I bet everyone has the same problem.... But I rather want to be more optimistic towards my journey cause when I reach 70+, I know I have no regret because of the journey I put both of my foot…..

Let’s start with the story of Howl’s Moving Castle….
Sophie, a young lady who works in a hat shop, encounters a handsome yet mysterious wizard, Howl, who rescues her from menacing soldiers. At the same night, some kind weird witch cruelly curses Sophie by turning her into a 90-year old. Sophie feels so bad with her appearance of getting old, until she leaves her town and forces herself into the Wastes. During her journey in Wastes, she met Turnip Head, a scarecrow. Turnip head leads Sophie to Howl’s moving castle to secure a warm shelter. In the castle, Sophie meet Calcifer, a talking fire demon and Markl, a 8-year old apprentice, and of course, the Howl. She claimed herself as a cleaner for the castle, prepare the foods and discover many magical thingy happens in the castle. She also discovers herself as well as Howl. The rest of the story is about Howl and his summons to look for crown prince… and how Sophie and Howl develop feeling for each other.

I remember one of the words spoken by Sophie when she is the 90-year old hag, she said,

“There is one good thing of being old; you will not be easily surprised by things happen around you anymore”.

This anime set a place in my heart like any movies, dramas and animes….. I learnt from it again…….