This journey is incredibly humbling for me.

From being wounded and not knowing which way is up and wondering whether or not i could be ALIVE or not and at the same time, finding new MEANING in my new life in this FOREIGN place.....It's been an AMAZING journey

I am a daughter, sister, dog-owner and friend.

Currently, i am learning to train my mind and body. I want to hold my body, challenge my physical ability to a level i could never imagine.

I definitely have learn to stop letting these people who do so little for me in my life but control so much of my mind, feeling and emotions.

Learning to let them go from my life is definitely one of the best achievement i ever done to myself.

Goodbye my friends.... Hope when we meet again, we are once strangers again.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nepal Medical Mission 2014 Day 1 Part 2 - Take a leap and the net will appear

31 October 2014, Tribhuvan Airport, Kathmandu 

None of us know this place well as we know our home. None of us know the monks that fetched and helped us with the luggages. Some of us know that we are here to do good deeds. But some of us doubt what we can contribute to this place. How many hearts can we touch by just be here for 10 days? How many things can we contribute from us? Will we make a difference in this people life? But somehow all of us know we just need to take a leap and we believe the net will appear. Maybe this 10 days we will create miracle in ourselves instead of other people. 

The wonder of Himalaya
The pilot announced that we will touch down soon but before that, we shall enjoy the view of the Himalayas which was just on my right. Although I did not get the window seat, but the gentleman next to me kindly opened the window shield and allowed this over-enthusiastic lady to take another awkward picture of the Himalayas. 

We arrived Kathmandu safely and we got the first taste of Nepalese welcome gesture. Waiting line for visa payment and then another waiting line for visa processing and another waiting line for security check. 

There are too many people come to Nepal to see the wonders of Himalaya

After we are done with the visa application, we followed the crowd and walked to our baggages collection area. The area is small and there were many baggages and boxes lie around the conveyor belt with no owner claims. And several local people approached us to offer to help to send the luggages out of the airport at minimal fee. 

Once we are done with the luggages and everyone gathered outside the airport. Some team members feels the need to reconnect with the world, immediately they bought local SIM cards. While some of us were waiting for our transport, awkwardly we introduced ourselves to each other, finally the ice is breaking slowly. One monk came and approached us and asked are we Sister Kathy's friends, we said yes. There is a huge van parked right next to us. Some of us thought we will go into the van, actually, we are not. 

Helpful monks that help us to carry heavy luggages.

While all of our luggages squeeze into this van, all of us will squeeze into this school bus. 

The yellow school bus that brings many memories of our childhoods.
Each of us has a taste of reviving old memories in the school bus and at the same time, we have our first taste on Kathmandu's driver skills in Kathmandu traffic. Once we hit the road, immediately I know the quality of your or motorcycle or car honk is a must to check when you buy a new car in Kathmandu. Practically, everybody is honking each other, whether to greet, to warn or to scold. The journey is accompanied with orchestra of honks along the way, while we 'wow' with how close these cars, buses, lorries and motorcycles ride closely with each other. We practically can greet 'Tashi delek'  and even shake hands with our neighbors at the traffic light stop. Along the way, the group starts to warm up with each other. Brother Bryan and brother James start making jokes about them still going school at this age because they keep flunking in the exam. 
Susan D is definitely a magnet. She can grasps people heart and attention with just simple gestures. Amazing...
We arrive in Kopan Monastery. We are amazed with the scenery, the architecture of the temples, the freshness of cold crispy air and the warmth welcome by the monks who at the same time helped us with our heavy  luggages again. We gathered with our roommates in our room. Out of nowhere four of us brought out the food supplies we brought for the trip. All of us are amazed with the amount of food we thought we need during this trip. I not sure whether we are underestimating or overestimating our tummy capability. Is also amazing to know that 12 hours ago, we were strangers from different backgrounds and different continents, that meet together for the same cause, can create common understandings with each other at this point. 

Once we settle with our rooms and luggages, we tour around the temples. The amazing stupas architecture and view from Kopan Monastery because it situated on the hill, really give me a sense of serenity and calm. 

Dinner time is early. And is the time to have the first taste of Kopan Monastery's food. I read a lot about it and now the curiosity is lurking in. 

Picture courtesy of Roddy Teoh - our Dinner of the first day - Vegetables soup with Nepalese bread and salads. 
Once we done with dinner and cleaning up ourselves. Finally we met up with everybody, have our ice breaking session, have our roles explained in this mission and also what we will expect throughout this mission. 

I cannot believe I am bashed up for tonight. Thanks to the flight, traveling, time difference from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia and now to Nepal.

But I am grateful because we arrived safely, meeting the monks, stay in this beautiful monastery and also able to create a wonderful memories with this people in this mission. 

And now I called it a night for my first leg of my trip

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