This journey is incredibly humbling for me.

From being wounded and not knowing which way is up and wondering whether or not i could be ALIVE or not and at the same time, finding new MEANING in my new life in this FOREIGN place.....It's been an AMAZING journey

I am a daughter, sister, dog-owner and friend.

Currently, i am learning to train my mind and body. I want to hold my body, challenge my physical ability to a level i could never imagine.

I definitely have learn to stop letting these people who do so little for me in my life but control so much of my mind, feeling and emotions.

Learning to let them go from my life is definitely one of the best achievement i ever done to myself.

Goodbye my friends.... Hope when we meet again, we are once strangers again.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is it better to be fat but fit, or unfit but thin?????

I always a fat girl since baby, to teenager, and then during adolescent, i also a fat girl..... Especially during school times, i have this big fat ugly thighs that i need to buy the Sri Aman track bottom size XXL....... I have difficulty to find clothes especially pants.... and of course dresses... In fact, to tell the truth, i never have a dress before.... Hmmmm... except the purple ugly dress (NOW ONLY I THINK IS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!! WHY Miss CL and CIK ZK DIDN'T STOP ME FROM BUYING THAT UGLY DRESS???????), which i never wear..... i never been to party with dresses.... always wear my typical jeans and baby-T........ In fact, i bought my first jeans was with Miss JT and Miss LK, in The Factory Outlet........ I have difficult finding beautiful clothes till now.... Actually is not the design, is the person who where those clothes make it looks ugly....

However, even though i'm fat.... but i do consider myself as fit..... At least i can do 30 sit ups in one minute, 25 push up in one minutes, i can run one round of Polo park non-stop ( FOR ME IS A SUCCESS)...... but still my BMI shown i'm overweight... and worst, according to BMI new scale for Asians, i'm close to OBESE!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????? Which means i'm eligible to join the Obesity Program conducted by ME????

I also don't understand... though i'm also love to watch the idiot box aka TV, but i don't consider myself as couch potatoes...... cause i'm active and i exercise too...... Therefore, i never understand why i'm fat and i can't find a proper swimming suit.....

However, when i read this article, it kinda cool me down........... This article is written by Alice from Go Ask Alice.......

I like the fact it said

"It's important to realize that we are not all meant to be thin."

"People make assumptions that the state of a person's body size or shape predicts whether or not s/he is physically fit. This is not always the case. Just as there are slender people who are in poor shape, there are overweight or obese people who are active and fit. So, is body size or shape a better determinant of good health than physical activity, or vice-versa? This continues to be a controversial topic among health experts.

With this in mind, the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas studied 25,000 men to see how health is affected by both physical fitness and body shape or size. In terms of life expectancy, the researchers found that the fit, fat men lived as long as the fit, trimmer group. In addition, the out-of-shape, slimmer men were found to have a close to three times greater risk of dying early than the in-shape, fat group. These results appear to show fitness as a more significant factor than fatness.

When figuring out your most appropriate weight range, consider all of the previously mentioned factors, in addition to heredity, family health history, and your own weight history. It's important to realize that we are not all meant to be thin."

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